Matthews Hall 


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Hall hire: 01392 876865,

Admin 07940 960560 

Saturday market: 07854 301869, 

Caretaker: 07736 735181

Art classes,  yoga,  parties,  badminton,  Qigong,  art appreciation,  Pilates,  line dancing,  concerts, bingo,  plays,  talks,  mindfulness,  films,  scouts,  meetings,  dance exercise, children's yoga, book fairs, flower club,  markets,  ceilidhs and more. 


All this and more happens regularly at Matthews hall. See posters or get in touch for details. The  timetable for the next month is shown below and on the notice board outside the hall.

For the community diary, see the Love Topsham website.

Whether it's for special events and performances or regular club meetings and classes, there's nowhere better in Topsham. See calendar below.

A Wynn 2 FC concert 3 JS Ceilidh JB FC Upper 3 JB

Regular events and Links

Pilates: Monday and Wednesdays 9 and 10am,

Dance exercise: Tuesdays 10am,

Plays: Performaces in April and November,

Films:  Every other Friday evening, Oct to March,

Folk Concerts:  Monthly on Sunday evenings,

Mindfulness:  Tuesday evenings,

Yoga:   Thursdays 6:30pm,       Tuesday afternoons,

Children's Yoga: Monday afternoons 4pm

Xi gong: Wednesday evenings or Tuesdays in the summer

Nature talks: Monthly on Friday evenings, 

Art talks:  Monthly on 2nd Thursday mornings,

Flower club: Monthly on 3rd Tuesday evenings,

Line dancing: Monday evenings,

Badminton: Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings,

Talks: Monthly Thursday evenings.

Art Classes:



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